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Innovative Products and Advanced Technology

ServiSight works with selected vendors and suppliers of innovative products and advanced technology solutions to expand their sales and reach broader markets.

We use a proprietary, AI-enhanced data management and analytics system that collects near real-time, key decision-maker contact information. The system gathers, verifies, and combines data from multiple sources. We then employ a broad combination of direct and indirect marketing channels to reach prospects with carefully targeted product information, updates, and sales offers.

We follow up on campaigns through a geographically-dispersed network of independent brokers and sales agents. These experienced sales professionals have direct access to senior executives, product developers, procurement officers, and influencers in the target organizations.

Our current focus is:

  • Owners and operators of C-stores, cannabis companies, and specialty retailers

  • Senior information technology executives, buyers, and business owners


During the past 21 years, we have supported clients in information technology, healthcare, financial services, wholesale/retail, electronics, consumer products, and energy sectors.

Featured partners:

  • Arcana Inc– multistate provider of marketing and sales consulting to cannabis, biotech, and medical industry customers.

  • Bitcoin Depot – places free bitcoin terminals in C-stores, cannabis, and other locations.

  • CashTech Currency Solutions -  a 40-year market-leading supplier of cash and currency management solutions for North American banks, financial institutions, and retail outlets.

  • Delta Marketing – 30 years of experience selling to major C-Store chains and other retailers across North America.

  • OTG Consulting Inc.– nationwide technology brokerage network with access to more than 400 information technology, information security, cloud, IoT, and telecom suppliers globally.

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