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Remote Monitoring

IT, Telecom, and Technology Consulting

Vincent Bradshaw – Senior Consultant

With more than fifty years of experience as an executive, manager, and consultant with technology companies of all sizes. Vince Bradshaw leads our information technology practice.

We have supported numerous clients with information technology and cybersecurity support, including writing hundreds of cybersecurity policies for clients in information systems, energy financial services, wholesale/retail, and consumer products.

Through OTG, we offer you products and services from more than 400 U.S. and global technology providers. At no cost or obligation to you, we can get you multiple competitive quotes for virtually any IT or telecom product or service, including:

  • Connectivity and circuitscloud, mobile, and IoT networks, apps and software, hosting and data centers, hardware, and software

  • Managed services for cybersecurity, cloud, disaster recovery, and databases


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