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Is you technology acquisition out of control?

Purchasing Information technology has become overwhelmingly complex for many organizations

Working many years in the IT/telecom industry, I have found that managing the technology asset lifecycle is complex and often poorly performed. A recent article in CIO Wiki discusses how digital transformation is making information technology procurement even more challenging. It highlights how today’s technology has become a vast ecosystem with thousands of overlapping products and services from competing vendors.

Very few organizations, especially SMBs, have the skills and time to assess the fine distinctions among different vendor’s offerings. The frequent result is a wasteful duplication of expensive solutions, inefficient utilization, and magnified exposure to cybersecurity risks.

Finally, a group of technology professionals has developed a better way

Recently I became a senior consultant with OTG Consulting, a consortium of IT, telecom, and business professionals. Former leaders in major technology corporations created OTG to modernize the complex process of finding, evaluating, selecting, and managing technology suppliers.

OTG offers several transformative benefits:

  • OTG has channel agreements with more than 400 IT and telecom providers worldwide. These companies engage with OTG to find new customers for a robust selection of products and services.

  • And by working through a network of professional consultants like me, OTG offers a nationwide team of multi-disciplined analysts, engineers, and project managers who help their clients find the right solutions.

  • OTG uses its innovative approach to obtain competitive offers for its clients from its vast supplier network. Both well-known global industry leaders and specialized innovators compete to fulfill OTG client’s needs.

  • Services span a full range of IT/telecom services, including communications links, networks, data centers, cloud platforms, mobile and user devices, sensors, the internet of things, software, cybersecurity, and specific industry applications.

OTG’s transformative approach can simplify your information technology selection process

Working as part of the OTG team, I offer my clients a more efficient and less costly way to select and update their technology solutions using four simple steps:

  1. At no cost to you, we perform a service and cost assessment. Our team collects the information needed to help select the best products and services that meet your needs or reduce costs.

  2. At no cost, OTG will send RFPs on your behalf to as many as ten or twelve members of its vast supplier network and typically obtain four or more competitive proposals.

  3. Also, at no cost, we help you and your staff evaluate proposals, compare prices and benefits, and determine the optimum choices.

  4. If you like a proposal, we facilitate you engaging directly with the supplier. Additionally, we work with your chosen suppliers to enable implementation, and we stay in touch during the contract’s life to ensure you are delighted with the service.

The process is risk-free. There is absolutely no charge to you for OTG’s needs assessment and supplier coordination services. You maintain control and are under no obligation to accept any recommended proposals or suppliers.

Learn more about how OTG can benefit your technology asset management program

Please contact me to learn how to employ this innovative approach to locate potential solutions and suppliers more effectively.

Vincent Bradshaw, PMP

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